4 things to do to become successful beyond Gaming

by Sascha Resch

Success in gaming is great and having it in real life as well feels even more awesome.

So what can you do to increase your chances for success in Gaming and beyond?

Here are 4 things you can do right now.

1. Seek knowledge, not results

A few weeks ago I went hiking with ‘Jesiz’ (ex-Pro Player for FNATIC; now coach at Misfits Gaming).

At this time I played a lot of League of Legends and was struggling to climb from Platinum to Diamond.

So I decided to ask the Pro for advice.

And that’s what he said:

“You shouldn’t focus on winning instead focus on learning”, in other words ‘seek knowledge, not results’.

“Instead of worrying about things that are out of your control, such as winning or losing, focus on micro-goals and try to improve on them each game.”

And this makes a lot of sense.

Not only will you improve and automatically win more games but also will you get less tilted from bad teammates.

2. Stop looking for shortcuts

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Success is a marathon, not a sprint’?

It’s true, nobody is born a Pro-Gamer. It all comes down to commitment and training.

But how great would it be to take a pill and become instantly successful, right?

Unfortunately, such a pill will never exist. Even worse, any minute you waste on trying to find such shortcuts is time you could have invested in truly building your skillset.

If you want to become successful, don’t waste your time looking for shortcuts.

I promise you, others are doing it already and they will get there faster. 😉


3. Care about your health

You have probably already heard about this one a lot.

If you live unhealthy your body can’t perform at a high level and your chances of success are significantly lower.

So here are three things you should start doing now!

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Get enough sleep
  3. Work out

I will not go into more details here. If you are interested to learn more sign up to our ‘success hacks’. I cover these topics there in more detail.


4. Follow a big dream

What do all successful people have in common?

They all had a big dream.

A dream so big, that it not only transformed their life but also the life of everyone around them.

If you want to become successful you should have a big dream too.


Okay, maybe not as big as this genlteman’s but big enough to keep you highly motivated.

If it’s not you are very likely to fail. Because the road to success will be hard.

So hard, that if you don’t have a good enough reason to keep on going you will probably just give up.

But don’t be afraid, if you push through it will all be worth it. When you achieve your dream your life will never be the same.

So dream big and follow that dream. Nothing is impossible.