eNgage Italian Cup

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eNgage is proud to present the Hearthstone Italian cup hosted by Planet GG

published 15.05.2017

Not only will you be able to watch the best Italian players and streamers battle each other, but anyone who comes to Planet GG will also be able to participate in two tavern hero qualifiers!

The party starts at 2.pm on Saturday 10th of June and will finish late in the evening on Sunday the 11th. Two tavern hero qualifiers will run alongside the main event. So, any Hearthstone fan is welcome to join us for this unforgettable weekend!

The stakes are high for the eNgage Italian Cup

  • More than 2500€ in cash prizes
  • The winner will attend the summer mansion hearthstone tournament at Lifecoach’s house. Legendary names like Pavel, Eloise and Thijs will be there.

To follow the tournament’s stream, go to spaziogames’ Twitch:


Join us at Planet GG!

Via Angelo Moro, 59, 20097 San Donato Milanese