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eNgage with shox

published 09.05.2017

Tune in next Friday (21.4.) when Richard ‘shox’ Papillon & his fans face off against the engage.gg Allstars with Ocelote, FOX, Neslo, Tinylady, ArcticGaming and Echo Fox ‘Minië

The almighty Richard ‘shox’ Papillon, captain of G2 Esportsí CSGO team will soon play a unique showmatch, ‘eNgage with Shox’! The French prodigy will team up with 4 of his fans, and play a best of three against an atypical squad composed of world class gamers, the eNgage Allstars.

Most would agree that leading a team of pro-gamers with daily practice sessions, extensive coaching and preparation is a hard task. But leading aficionados with levels varying from Gold Nova II to Global Elite, should be even harder! Can Shox and his crew pull this off and beat the eNgage Allstars?