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Our new Italian partner, APH Gaming!

published 09.10.2017


eNgage is proud to announce it’s collaboration with the Italian multigaming APH Gaming.

Although APH is animated to this day by the hard work of volunteers, it is an example of quality and professionalism. They are already the trusted partners of other well established brands such as HyperX, MSI, AKRacing and Netgear.

The organisation covers a wide range of activities: Management of eSport teams, influencers and esport events across the Italian peninsula.

The opportunity for eNgage to collaborate with APH’s on events and with their influencers is truly unique. The association has built over the last two years a strong network of Italian streamers, some of which were already in contact with eNgage, such as Nisha.

Fabio Vittori, the president of APH Gaming has demonstrated the shared enthusiasm of eNgage about a collaboration and the efficacy of their team. eNgage sees, as many others, APH gaming as the future of eSport in Italy. Their mission is to change the way eSport is perceived in the Peninsula, and that vision matches the ambition of eNgage; contributing to the wonderful world of eSports, in such manner that the industry can grow on stable basis. Everything from the colors to the spirit of the organisation brings us together, collaboration is almost an inevitable logical step.

We are convinced that eNgage and APH will be able to grow together in the years to come.

Let’s do this!