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Match Recap: ocelote vs. eNgage!

published 20.08.2017


On the 11th of August of this year the founder of G2 Esports and co-founder of eNgage maker GG United, Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez and Sascha “Dez4” Resch respectively, struck on an idea. The concept was simple: offer the opportunity for the G2 Army to chat with ocelote and Sascha while the two played some League of Legends.

This event served as a great reminder of where the two young entrepreneurs come from: the wonderful world of eSports. For those who don’t know, Sascha is a former CS 1.6 pro player and ocelote is… well, one of the most famous League Championship Series mid laners that ever lived. They now work long days guiding their companies towards success. They are leaders of their generation. But, they know how to keep it simple and share fun moments with the eSports community.

In case you missed the event, don’t worry, we kept the full stream for you.  Here also is a short recap of the action.


ocelote vs

Get ready for the epic Ocelote vs battle today! #G2ARMY

Posted by G2 Esports on Friday, August 11, 2017



Game 1: Play begins with Sascha and ocelote together on the bot lane. Sascha picks Brand support – he is practically a one trick pony Brand support.  Under Sascha’s strong advice, the legendary mid laner ocelote – now adc for the gig – picks Jhin instead of his preferred champion Vayne.

The game starts and they ironically face Vayne and Lux bot lane. Two rather aggressive duos face off. If one takes the advantage, it will be difficult to control the snowball effect. Unfortunately, the duo of founders would not see much success in this game.

Game 2: Sascha and ocelote are now playing against each other. Eight G2 fans join the custom game and the teams are rather unbalanced.

Long story short, Sascha’s jungler is a challenger and ocelote’s support is a Bronze V who never played draft before in his life. ocelote says he needs to go 25-0 by the 25th minute or the game will be lost. Regrettably, most of ocelote’s attempts to snowball were countered by the jungler’s omnipresence on the mid lane and by Sascha who played well enough not to feed a formal pro player.

Game 3: A short ARAM to conclude the event. You can witness ocelote cry out of laughter over an unfortunate ban (1:34:00) and then move on to play teemo in a very chaotic ARAM.

Finally, ocelote concludes the stream by revealing why he goes to MacDonald’s too often. After 2 hours of motivational advices to his fans, this is quite controversial. This is what makes ocelote inspiring. Although he is quite full of himself (he did mention during the stream that he loves watching himself) and extremely self-confident, he stays down to earth. He shares his experience in a very simple and humble way. He isn’t scared of failing and actually embraces it.

All in all, the 3 game event was fun for both participants and viewers.  There will surely be more opportunities for fun in the future.